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Update #14

Last month, a storm swept over the mountain range between Syria and Lebanon, catching a group of 70 Syrian refugees forced to flee by illegal means. According to the United Nations, 15 people froze to death, thus marking the first instance in which Syrian refugees have died due to cold since the start of the civil war. As the world continues to close their doors on refugee populations, paths to escape violence are becoming increasingly sparse.

The Norwegian Refugee Council and CARE International warn countries of turning back refugees, stating that “ongoing violence, bombing, and shelling… are endangering the lives of civilians." In the past few weeks, over 300,000 Syrians have fled from the northwest providence due to excessive airstrikes. Nonetheless, approximately 721,000 were coerced to return, and 1.5 million more are expected to return in the coming year. Governmental plans of reparations have become more frequent in Israel, Italy, and countries bordering Syria as a result of rising populism.

Although winter is coming to an end, please remember to consider donating warm clothing and blankets to local shelters.


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