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Update #1

Today, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi entered Mosul to inform awaiting soldiers that the Old City has finally been liberated after 9 long months of conflict. Despite their resounding victory, airstrikes continue in the Western portion of the country, and casualties continue to climb well into the thousands. 60% of the territory previously owned by ISIS has been liberated by the Iraqi government and Kurdish forces, but the issue of rebuilding still remains. According to the United Nations, an estimated $1 billion is required to reconstruct the city, while billions more must be spent to provide food, water, and medical care to the 60,000 civilians who have fled.

In addition, the ceasefire negotiated by the US, Russia, and Jordan was implemented today. This agreement targets supporters of the Assad government and Syrian rebels in the country’s southwestern provinces exclusively; ISIS members are not included. Reporters note that civilians in Daraa, Quneitra, and Sweida feel relieved, but many fear that few mechanisms have been put in place to honor the ceasefire agreement.


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