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Introducing the Dream Team

Hello everyone! I hope you all are enjoying summer! I’m excited to introduce our regional representatives, who will be connecting student activists and artists with Acrylic Dreams. All representatives may be contacted at or on social media. Please let one of us know if you would like to apply to become a representative!

District of Columbia - Noor, founder

Maryland - Ariana, social media manager

Virginia - Arista, senior artist

Tennessee - Elaine, outreach director

California - Tariq, outreach director

New York - Nathan, outreach director

Rhode Island - Thomas, outreach director

Indiana - Dylan, outreach director

Texas - Peter, outreach director

Puerto Rico - Fernando, outreach director

Illinois - James, outreach director

Ontario - Yinka, outreach director

Student writers:

- Lauren, journalist

- Sydney, journalist

- Peter, journalist

Student artists:

- Arista, senior artist

- Caitlin, senior artist

- Khushi, artist

- Ian, photographer

- Lauren, photographer

- Tariq, photographer & instructor

- Nathan, photographer & instructor

- Layla, artist & instructor

- Alex, senior photographer

Thank you, and I hope we can build more bridges together!


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