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A Look Back

Six and a half years ago, journalist Marie Colvin died while reporting on the Syrian civil war. She had crossed into Syria via “The Tunnel” - a narrow passageway that refugees use to illegally flee to Lebanon - when she was killed by an explosive.

Currently, the last major rebel force stands in Idlib, where Assad’s forces prepare for victory. As the conflict reaches its final stages, it is important to remember the lives dedicated to helping the victims of this tragedy.

Let us take the time to honor the more than half a million Syrians wrongfully lost in the war, the young Middle Easterners who had the courage to protest against dictatorial regimes, and the journalists around the world committed to bringing their struggle to light.

The end of the war does not signify the end of the refugee crisis; Acrylic Dreams will continue to work towards a more just and peaceful world. In the words of Marie Colvin, “it’s what we do.”

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