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Happy New Year!

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year! I hope you all are enjoying the candy canes, hot chocolate, and festive decorations this season has brought.

I attribute our recent hiatus to a particularly turbulent chapter in my academic career. Despite all of the hurried essays and numerous late nights, I realize that I am in the midst of a wonderful time called growing up.

Like most children, I always dreamed of conquering the world. My parents used to take my brother and I to a neighborhood playground, and we would swing higher and higher, in hopes of seeing our vast kingdom below us. Since I founded Acrylic Dreams, my perception of the world has become much larger than that park. Perhaps I am not quite conquering the world — I would be a terrible dictator, anyways — but I can see myself changing it every day. The little miracles this community creates are fulfilling the wishes I had when I was on that swing so long ago. I’m so excited to continue this journey in 2019!



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